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Tracks available here are for Nascar 3 and work in D3D mode on my Voodoo3 graphics card. Sorry software mode users but I can't run software rendering on my computer, so I cannot test that mode. Whenever possible, I have tried to secure permission to use original work done by others in the Sim racing community, and have credited those authors accordingly.

Gimme the TRACKS!!!!

Lyndale Farms Speedway -- High-Banked Trenton -- 2-14-03 --- Lyndale AI Fix

Roswell Raceway -- Banked Corby -- 2-22-03

Cream City CarCourse -- Banked Alaska? -- 3-31-03

Badlands Motordrome -- Big Bad Banked Hatties -- 5-9-03

Union Park -- Banked Confederate-- 3-22-03

Springfield Speedway -- Louisville w/banking -- 4-25-03

Redwood Ridge -- Wiltshire W/banking and elevation changes -- 5-23-03

Widowmaker -- NL Charlotte bank edit for N3-- 6-13-03


Any feedback from you in reference to my tracks would be greatly appreciated and would help me provide better quality. If you have any questions, problems or suggestions, please e-mail me at OR SIGN THE GUESTBOOK AT YOUR LEFT.

I am not associated with Papyrus, NASCAR, Microsoft or any terrorist groups. I provide these tracks non gratis for your own personal enjoyment. Please distribute. WARNING: these tracks may cause your computer to provide hours of enjoyment. I cannot be held responsible for this.